100% Made in Italy Production

We manufacture our products exclusively in Italy in the Brescia plant

azienda produzione poliuretano

Kuberth's World

Kuberth was born from the owner’s passion for the automotive sector. The entrepreneurial adventure began in 2016 with the idea of ​​starting the production of anti-valving cushions for cars and motorcycles in order to offer quality products to collectors and enthusiasts. Kuberth is a young company by age but not by experience that today deals with production of articles and products in polyurethane foam for different sectors:

car copia
bike copia
kart copia

The Made in Italy polyurethane products , designed to help owners keep their cars and motorcycles in an excellent way, are completely made in-house: designed, engineered and produced in the factory by Kuberth in Brescia.

In addition to the Kuberth product line, the company is the ideal partner for those looking for a contract manufacturer of polyurethane foam products.


To create products in polyurethane foam with a unique and innovative design through a green production process. Kuberth, in fact, uses water-based release agents and paints, does not use solvents.


Increase the number of customers who rely on our internal production and expand the range of Kuberth brand products by creating increasingly innovative solutions that respect the environment.

Our Method

The production process of expanded polyurethane products begins with:

  • the feasibility analysis
  • the estimate
  • engineering
  • the realization of the mold

Subsequently, a pre-production is carried out in order to be able to share a small batch with the customer. Following the verification of the product with the customer, production starts. The same method and attention is used for the production of the products of the Kuberth line.


Respecting the environment

Making durable and resistant products is the first step towards environmental sustainability. The anti-valving cushions and the polyurethane protections are high quality products designed to last over time. Avoiding the ovalization of the tires means extending their life, protecting the wallet and safeguarding the environment.

Particular attention is given to the production process: only release agents and water-based paints are used.

Kuberth joined the About Tree-Nation project, promoted by the non-profit organization of the same name, which allows citizens and companies to plant trees in everything the world to offset its CO2 emissions. The mission of the non-profit organization supported by Kuberth is to reforest the planet. Planting trees has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to combat climate change. Through reforestation and conservation projects, Tree-nation helps restore forests, create jobs, support local communities and protect biodiversity.