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Kuberth is a young company born from the owner’s passion for vintage, sports and luxury cars. The company deals with production of polyurethane foam for various sectors:


car copia


bike copia


kart copia

The company is specialized in the production of smart solutions for parking cars and motorcycles inside the garages of collectors and amateurs. In addition to the Kuberth line of products, the company is the ideal partner for those who are looking for a manufacturer of polyurethane foam products .


The items in polyurethane for cars and motorcycles Kuberth are designed to extend the life of car tires and to protect the bodywork during the parking phase inside garages.

Made in Italy

All Kuberth polyurethane products are designed and manufactured in the Brescia plant

UV Rays Resistance

The paint used on Kuberth products allows them to resist UV rays, extending their life

Customizable Products

The anti-valving cushions can be personalized with hand-made screen printing

Ecological Footprint

The anti-valving cushions allow you to extend the life of the tires avoiding costs for replacement and related disposal, thus protecting the environment


cuscini antiovalizanti per auto easyrise

Anti-valving cushions for cars

EASYRISE is an anti-valving cushion necessary to prevent tires’ ovalization oduring long stops of the cars so as to extend their life, avoiding replacement costs.

protezioni per garage

Protections for your garage

Wavepark are protections for garages and parking lots designed to cushion the impact of the front, rear and side of the vehicle during maneuvering.

cuscini antiovalizanti per moto winterpad

Motorcycles anti-valving cushions

Anti-valving cushion for motorcycles shape memory designed and developed to better preserve the tires during long winter stops.

Customized production of polyurethane foam products for various industrial sectors.

Once the customer’s request has been received, the feasibility analysis and order estimate are carried out. Afterwards, the phases of engineering, realization of the mold and the production of a small batch for verification by the customer are foreseen. Only after confirmation does the actual production start. This process allows to fully respect the customer’s expectations.

Do you want to make your products in polyurethane foam? Get in touch with Kuberth and ask for the information you need.


Making durable and resistant products is the first step towards environmental sustainability. The anti-valving cushions and the protections in high quality Kuberth polyurethane last over time and avoid becoming waste to be disposed of. Avoiding the ovalization of tires also means extending their life, protecting the wallet and safeguarding the environment.

Always with a view to respecting the environment, particular attention is given to the production process, through the use of water-based paints and release agents.

Finally, the company joined the Co1 neutral web site sustainability program, promoted by Tree-Nation , a non-profit organization that allows citizens and companies to plant trees around the world and offset their CO2 emissions.


15 distributors in 12 countries distribute Kuberth products.

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