How to use Kuberth anti-valving cushions?

How to use Kuberth anti-valving cushions?

After a fun day on the track or out on the street, the tires will overheat. Parking the car’s hot tires on the cold garage floor is certainly not the best way to protect the tires. In addition to avoiding the ovalization of the tires , the polyurethane cushions for cars protect the tires from temperature variations, since polyurethane is a material used as a thermal insulator. </ P >

The anti-valving polyurethane cushions have a patented design, they do not slip, do not scratch or damage the floor thanks to the gelpad pads that keep them glued to the ground.

How are the gelpads used for anti-valving cushions for cars and motorcycles ?

  • Place the anti-valving cushions on a flat and clean surface.
  • Make sure the bottom of each cushion is in full contact with the ground and press down on the gelpads to provide maximum adhesion.
  • The cushion takes the shape of the tire, so you may notice temporary indentations after removing the car or motorcycle.

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