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cuscini antiovalizanti per auto easyrise

Anti-ovalization cushion in polyurethane foam

Kit of anti-ovalization cushions necessary for the structural maintenance of the tires characterized by two practical ramps for ascent and descent. The anti-ovalization polyurethane cushions for cars Kuberth are designed to extend the life of car tires avoiding the cost of replacing tire trains.

In fact, using this type of support during the shelter of cars is much cheaper than the cost of replacing tires that can be damaged or deformed during long stops.

protezioni per garage

Protections for your garage

The protective polyurethane walls Wavepark allow you to enter and exit the vehicle without fear of marking the doors. The polyurethane walls for garages are also designed to cushion the impact of the front, rear and side of the vehicle during the maneuvering phases, allowing you to make full use of the spaces even in the tightest garages. Wavepark’s design is designed to absorb impact at low speed and without causing damage to the bodywork, ensuring functionality and elegance even in the most luxurious garages.

Each kit consists of two protections to be fixed to the wall with double-sided tape:

  • 2 pieces of 30×40 cm: ideal for protecting the door opening, to be placed on the side of the garage;
  • 2 pieces of 60X60: suitable for protecting the front and rear of the car from marks and scratches.

cuscini antiovalizanti per moto winterpad

The ally of your bike

Anti-ovalization cushion for motorcycles designed and developed to better preserve the tires (front and rear) during long winter stops. Completely hand-trimmed and handcrafted, Winterpad fully reflects the high standards of Made in Italy.

The anti-ovalization pad for motorcycles in polyurethane distributes the weight of the vehicle on a surface more homogeneously, reducing the problem of ovalization caused by the support on a limited surface.

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