Anti-ovalization cushion for motorcycles WINTERPAD

The ally for your bike, avoid the oval tires during long stops

It is a anti-ovalization cushion for motorcycles with a shape memory designed and developed to better preserve the tires of your motorcycle during long winter stops. Completely hand-trimmed and handcrafted, Winterpad fully reflects the high standards of Made in Italy.

The anti-ovalization cushion for motorcycles Winterpad, thanks to the polyurethane of which it is entirely composed and its cradle shape, distributes the weight of the vehicle on a surface in a more homogeneous way, reducing the problem of ovality caused by resting on a limited surface.


The reduced support surface of the wheel in contact with the floor favors the flattening of the tire, thus leading to a rapid deformation of the wheel.

The large support surface ensures that the weight is distributed over a large surface avoiding the classic oval shape caused by resting on a small surface.


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