EASYRISE X anti-ovalization cushion

Modern design with carbon look finishes, perfect for Super Cars and Hyper Cars

  is an anti-ovalization cushion in polyurethane designed for sports cars and hyper cars that distributes the weight of the car over a large surface. A product designed for the automotive sector that ranges from private garages to the most luxurious showrooms.

The anti-ovalization cushions for cars prevent the ovalization of the tires during long stops parking. Kuberth produces high-end products with a patented design, recommended for car dealers and collectors. The Kuberth anti-ovalization  cushions are also excellent insulators to protect the tires from thermal shocks with the floor, and can be customized with logo and initials through manual screen printing which guarantees attention to detail and unique results. The Kuberth  anti-ovalization cushions for cars have a very high breaking strength and can be fixed to the floor using the gelpads included in the package.


EASYRISE X is designed with a ramp that facilitates the climb of the car, and a more raised part to warn the driver that the car is in the correct position. In addition, each cushion is equipped with 4 Gelpads for better adherence to the floor.

The EASYRISE – X sizes have been specially designed to fit a wide range of sports car tires, supporting a maximum tire width of 380mm and a maximum recommended weight of 2700kg.


For the proper use of the product, please follow the instructions in the illustrations below. Before placing the cushions make sure that the ground is not dirty. Once the cushions have been positioned, make sure to apply pressure to the GELPADs, so they stick to the ground properly. In order not to damage the piece, it is recommended to get on EASYRISE – X using the inertia of the car without accelerating when the wheels are positioned on the product.



4 EASYRISE cushions


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