WAVEPARK garage protections

Its three-dimensional wave design is designed to guarantee protection from accidental bumps. Easy to apply.

Wavepark are garage protections designed to protect the car from impacts during maneuvering, allowing you to make full use of space even in the tightest garages.

Buying bumpers for cars to be applied to the walls of the home garage is an excellent solution to protect the bodywork from scratches and dents. Wavepark is a self-adhesive bumper for garage, soft and with a refined design.

In fact, the design of the polyurethane garage protections is designed to absorb the impact at low speed without damaging the bodywork, guaranteeing functionality and elegance even in the most luxurious garages.


Front / Back Wavepark

Two modules with dimensions designed to provide effective protection of the front or rear of the vehicle during parking maneuvers. Easy to install with two handy double-sided adhesive strips.

Side Wavepark

Two modules designed to protect the edges of the car doors when they are opened in confined spaces. Easy to install with two handy double-sided adhesive strips.


In order to combine quality and simplicity, we have equipped each Wavepark piece with a double-sided tape in polyurethane foam for easy application on the wall.


Kuberth has developed a new method of attaching the bumpers even when the walls are damp or very porous. The profixing kit (optional) includes a die-cut plastic element with the exact dimensions of Wavepark bumpers and 4 tempered steel nails. Once the die-cut is fixed to the wall with nails it offers Wavepark’s double-sided tape an excellent surface to which to attach.

Innovative Design

Like the waves of the sea, Wavepark is strong, resistant, and offers soft three-dimensional colored polyurethane protection. It is a solid ally for your garage or parking lot.

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