Polyurethane Foam Production

We are specialized in the production of polyurethane foam also for third parties

Polyurethane is a two-component material composed of polyol and isocyanate. These two elements mixed together by special machines, are able to generate different products with different technical characteristics.

The advantage of polyurethane is its versatility, strength and elasticity. It is used in many different sectors such as furniture, automotive, nautical, medical, sports, safety at work and for leisure activities.

Kuberth is specialized in the production of polyurethane foam (also for third party) Made in Italy. The products made in the Brescia plant are designed to help owners keep and safeguard their cars in an excellent way. They are designed by the internal design office, engineered and produced in the Brescia plant.

We specialize in the production of two materials, both resistant, elastic and versatile.

Integral or Flexible Polyurethane

Integral polyurethane is a material that guarantees numerous surface finishes and does not require coating. One of its main features is its good resistance to abrasion thanks to the outer skin and shape memory. It can be painted to offer greater resistance to UV rays especially for outdoor use. This material is used to make backrests, protections and absorbers.

Flexible polyurethane is a comfortable material mainly indicated for the padding of seats or saddles. One of its main characteristics that distinguishes it is its water-based expansion. Once printed, this material will be coated with fabrics to complete the product.

Our Polyurethane Products

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