WavePark Lateral

WavePark Lateral

Shaped memory material

Resistance to UV rays

Mold Resistance

Scratch proof


made in italy

SIDE Wavepark kit

Protections and application

Each KIT consists of 2 lateral Waveparks, each of which is equipped with 2 double-sided adhesive strips positioned on the back.

Before applying, we recommend cleaning the wall with a cloth.

By removing the protective strips from the double-sided adhesive strips, the protection can be applied to the most desired area of the wall, at the height of the door of your vehicle.

Once the protections have been applied, we recommend exerting a slight force on the Waveparks in order to ensure perfect adhesion to the surface.

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Mobility and spaces inside the garage

In the majority of cases, condominium garages located in large cities are always small in size. If your garage is like this too, Wavepark is the ideal solution for you. Thanks to its polyurethane composition, Wavepark will allow you to open the door flush with the walls and without the danger of damaging the car. This accessory has been specially designed to provide safe protection for your automobile, becoming a real ally. Each kit includes 2 Wavepark protections, so as to offer the customer the protection of multiple opening areas inside their garage. Wavepark is quick and easy to install thanks to its adhesive system, which does not require the use of tools or screws. This not only saves time but also prevents further damage to the wall surface of the garage.

Not just a garage protector

Wavepark protections are also used as a furnishing element in offices and homes.

One of the advantages of design protections is to improve the aesthetics of the interior environments.


  1. Clean the wall on which to place the Waveparks.
  2. Remove the protective bands from the double-sided adhesive strips on the back of the product.
  3. Apply the protectors to the desired area.
    It is advisable to apply them at the height of the door, measuring it close to the wall.
  4. Press on the protections so that the double-sided tape sticks to the wall.